About Us

About Europa Life Sciences

We are engaged in various activities like developing, manufacturing and marketing of a comprehensive range of healthcare products with an enduring focus on innovation and quality based products. Europa Life Sciences is determined to achieve the goal of becoming a force in affordable and innovative healthcare solutions. We believe in providing quality healthcare products through a mix of general and innovative products which directly impact the life of the common people in India.

Europa Life Sciences core strength lies in our diverse product portfolio designed to address the hospital and various unmet patient needs. We follow strict ethical standards and work to achieve the highest quality in all corporate activities. We are flexible towards the changing time, environment and proactively take on new challenges as we strive to energize and expand the market.

Our Core Values

Our Vision

We strive to provide healthcare solutions that make a profound difference in people’s lives. We go above and beyond the normal course of business to deliver high-quality medicines, products and services. Our ongoing quest is to bring smiles and happiness to as many people as possible. For this purpose, we strive to improve the quality of life of patients through the development and distribution of superior pharmaceuticals.

Our Mission

Our mission as a comprehensive healthcare company is the protection of life. Europa Life Sciences is committed to bring qualitative and innovative products to provide solutions to the evolving needs of society. As a science-based & innovative pharmaceutical company, we focus on our role in helping people live longer and healthier lives.

Our Motto

Europa Life Sciences, guided by our corporate motto “lighten up life” aims to contribute patients seeking happy life through manufacturing and marketing of unique and valuable products. Our motto reflects ourfull commitment to deliver revolutionary products enabling people to lead healthier and fulfilling lives. It shows our commitment to deliver all the people with the strength to push on toward an even brighter tomorrow.